Niagara (1953)

Storyline : George and Rose Loomis are honeymooning at a Niagara Falls motel. She plots with Ted Patrick to do him in, but all does not go smoothly. For one thing, after Loomis is reported missing Polly Cutler spies him at the motel but her husband Bud thinks she's imagining it. Marilyn sings "Kiss."
Stars:  Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, Denis O'Dea, Casey Adams, Lurene Tuttle, Don Wilson, Richard Allan, Will Wright, Bert Stevens, Harry Carey Jr., Arch Johnson, Bill Coontz, Henry Beckman, Minerva Urecal, Sean McClory, Nina Varela
Genres :  Crime Film-Noir , Thriller
Year : 1953
Language : English
Director: Billy Wilder


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