Il paramedico (1982)

Storyline : At work, Mario Millio is the only male nurse not on strike. At home, his wife is more interested in calling the hot-line of a local TV-doctor. When Mario wins 15 million Lire in the lottery, he buys himself a new car and starts to live out his dreams in secret. All goes well until a criminal steals the car and Mario is blamed for the car thief's crimes.
Stars:  Edwige Fenech, Enrico Montesano, Marco Messeri, Leo Gullotta, Enzo Cannavale, Enzo Robutti, Mauro Di Francesco, Ugo Fangareggi, Enzo Liberti, Daniela Poggi, Clarita Gatto
Genres :  Comedy
Year : 1982
Language :Italian
Director: Sergio Nasca

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