The Canal (2014)

Storyline :  Film archivist David  has been having a rough time lately, as he suspects that his wife Alice has been cheating on him with Alex , one of her work clients. This stress is compounded when David's work partner Claire  gives him a reel of to-be-archived footage that shows that his house was the setting for a brutal murder in 1902. Becoming progressively more unsettled and unhinged, David begins to believe that a spectral presence is in his house and ends up following his wife to a nearby canal, where he discovers that she is indeed having an affair with Alex. When Alice goes missing shortly afterwards, David contacts the police- only to become the prime suspect in her disappearance. As the police grow more convinced that David has murdered his wife, he struggles to find proof of his growing suspicion that something otherworldly was instead responsible.
Stars:  Rupert Evans, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Hannah Hoekstra, Steve Oram, Anthony Murphy, Kelly Byrne, Maura Foley 
Genres :  Horror , Mystery , Thriller
Year : 2014
Language : English 
Director: Ivan Kavanagh

The Canal (2014) The Canal (2014) Reviewed by Yldrm Klchn on April 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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