The Babysitters (2007)

Storyline : At 17, high-school junior Shirley Lyner is thinking about college and running a babysitting service that provides teen call girls to the dads of young children. In a long flashback, we see what brought her from being a babysitter to organizing and running the service. It starts with Michael, the father of children she baby-sits.
Stars:  Lauren Birkell , Paul Borghese , Chira Cassel , Anthony Cirillo , Spencer Treat Clark , Andy Comeau , Ann Dowd , Jason Dubin , Harold Fort , Alexie Gilmore , Halley Wegryn Gross , Michael Knowles , Louisa Krause     , Adam LeFevre , John Leguizamo 
Genres :  Drama
Year : 2007
Language : French 
Director: David Ross


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