Hounddog (2007)

Storyline :  Like a lily growing in the swamp, Lewellen, a precocious southern girl, radiates splendor amidst the murk that surrounds her. She is being raised by her abusive father and disciplinarian grandmother, and finds comfort, joy, and strength in music--she is obsessed with Elvis Presley and breaks into his songs whenever the mood strikes. In addition to music, playing in the woods with her friend, Buddy, brings a few other moments of childhood happiness. Their playing drifts toward innocent sexual games, however, and it becomes evident that Lewellen has a painful history that she keeps buried inside. When another tragedy strikes, will her spirit finally break, or will her inspiring resiliency carry her on?
Stars: Dakota Fanning, Robin Wright, David Morse, Piper Laurie, Afemo Omilami, Jill Scott, Granoldo Frazier, Cody Hanford, Charlie Lucas, Herman McCloud, Chandler McIntyre, Robin Mullins, Afemo Omilami, Tom Oppenheim
Genres :  Drama , Music
Year : 2007
Language : English
Director:  Deborah Kampmeier


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