Malèna (2000)

Storyline :  Amid the climax of chaos and tragedy of World War II, the breathtakingly gorgeous Malèna becomes the target of lust and ferocious gossip by the townsmen and their jealous wives in a sleepy Sicilian village. Only her most ardent admirer, young Renato Amoroso, will learn her untold story - and secrets. As Malèna struggles to survive with every resource at her disposal, she inspires Renato to new heights of compassion, courage, and independence. Set against the stunning, color-soaked backdrop of 1940’s Sicily, Malèna is the unforgettable tale of a boy’s journey into manhood.
Stars :  Monica Bellucci, Giusseppe Sulfaro, Luciano Federico, Matilde Piana, Pietro Notarianni, Gaetano Aronica, Gilberto Idonea, Angelo Pellegrino, Gabriella Di Luzio
Genres :  Romance , Drama , Comedy
Year : 2000
Language : Italy , French
Director:  Giuseppe Tornatore 

Malèna İtalian

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