Julia (1974)

Storyline : A lonely teen spending his summer at a posh Swiss villa, is going through agony as it seems that everyone has somebody except for him. He finally learns that good things happen to those who wait, as he meets a gorgeous, virginal, nymphet, played by Syllvia Kristal. Lots of T&A, together with plenty of laughs, in this romp in the Swiss hillsides.
Stars: Jean-Claude Bouillon , Sylvia Kristel , Teri Tordai , Gisela Hahn , Peter Berling , Rose Renée Roth , Dominique Delpierre , Christine Glasner , Michael Tietz , Manfred Spies , Alois Mittermaier , Ekkehardt Belle
Genres :  Drama
Year : 1974
Language : English
Director:  Sigi Rothemund


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