Bianca (1984)

Storyline :  Michele is a mathematics professor who just started a new job in a school with some peculiar teaching methods. After a woman in his neighborhood is murdered, Michele meets beautiful colleague Bianca, and a relationship begins between the two. Where is this relationship heading, and will Michele be able to help the police catch the murderer?

Stars :  Nanni Moretti,  Laura Morante,  Roberto Vezzosi,  Remo Remotti,  Claudio Bigagli, Enrica Maria Modugno,  Vincenzo Salemme,  Margherita Sestito,  Dario Cantarelli, Virginie Alexandre,  Matteo Fago,  Giovanni Buttafava,  Luigi Moretti

Genres :  Drama , Romance  
Year : 1984  
Language : Italian  
Director : Nanni Moretti


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