Mia Nipote... La Vergine (1969)

Storyline : Michelle De Winter lives the good life, wining and dining with only the richest men who are fortunate to cross her path. Her daughter Yvette, whom Michelle insists on introducing as her 'niece', is a fashion model. She is saving herself for the right man, despite the fact that she is part of the free love generation and lives with a group of promiscuous creative types.
Stars:  Ruth-Maria Kubitschek, Edwige Fenech, Fred Williams, Rainer Penkert, Karl Walter Diess , Isolde Lehner , Hansi Lohmann , Laurence Bien , Dean Finnie , Frank Müller-May
Genres :  Drama
Year : 1969
Language : Italian
Director: Eberhard Schröder


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