Jeune Célibataire & Gourmande (2006)

Storyline :  Since girlhood, TAYLOR has believed that love and marriage are the most important events in every woman's life. Now she's 35 and single with no prospects in sight. As Taylor and her friends wade through the mire of the L.A. dating pool, they realize a lot more is involved in finding the right mate as they meet co-dependents, addicts and sexual deviants. As they hit bottom, thinking there maybe no happiness in their future, a trap door opens leading them to the discovery that they can find happiness within themselves.

Stars :  Sarah Blevins,  Jamie Anderson,  Heather Stewart, Jesse Burch,  Peter Murnik,Matthew Atherton, Steve Florian, Mike Wilson, Jeff Garvin, Vince Pavia, Ronn Burner,  Shane Stevens, Todd Babcock, George Katt

Genres :  Comedy  
Year : 2006     
Language : French, English   
Director : Richard Waterhouse

Jeune Célibataire & Gourmande English

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