Angels from Hell (1968)

Storyline :  Mike (Tom Stern), an ex-motorcycle club president from the baddest gang in Riverside, California, returns home a hero after serving in Vietnam. Unable to find his former gang there, he follows a lead and finds Smiley (Ted Markland) and the rest in Bakersfield, California hole up at Ginger's (Arlene Martel) house. Under the watchful eye of Sheriff Bingham (Jack Starrett), who had an "understanding" with the previous president, Mike finds himself up against crooked cops under Bingham's watch. In defiance, he uses his war-hero experience to organize a new, united super outlaw gang. When one member beaten up and killed by police, an all-out cop vs. biker war results.

Stars :  Tom Stern , Ted Markland , Jack Starrett , Arlene Martel , Paul Bertoya , Jimmy Murphy , Sandra Bettin , Bob Harris , Luana Talltree , Suzy Walters , Rod Wilmoth     , Steve Oliver , Pepper Martin , Jay S. York , Susanne Sidney

Genres :   Action 
Year : 1968 
Language :  English   
Director:   Bruce Kessler


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