Ghosts Can t Do It (1989)

Storyline : Scott and Kate are married and very much in love with each other. Scott is more than 60 years old, while Kate is at least thirty years younger. When Scott dies, his soul cannot get peace and he becomes a ghost only Kate can see and speak with. Scott wants to return to life, and him and Kate hatch a plan to let a young man drown so that Scott can take over his body. Also, Kate must handle Scott's company's business deal that involves Donald Trump as well as the mob.
Stars: Bo Derek, Anthony Quinn, Don Murray, Leo Damian, Julie Newmar, Herb Tanney, Victoria Burgoyne, Jane Damian, Mickey Knox
Genres :  Comedy Fantasy, Crime
Year : 1989
Language :English 
Director: John Derek

Ghosts Can t Do It (1989) Ghosts Can t Do It (1989) Reviewed by Yldrm Klchn on October 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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