The Borgia (2006)

Storyline : Italy, 15th century. Rodrigo Borgia is a cunning schemer. For thirty years he has worked himself up in the Roman Catholic Church and now has been elected as pope by the college of cardinals. Borgia hasn't any religious motives though, it's all about power for him. With his papal power he starts a reign of terror, eliminating rivals.
Stars: Luís Homar , Sergio Peris-Mencheta , María Valverde , Sergio Múñiz , Eloy Azorín , Ángela Molina , Paz Vega , Linda Batista , Eusebio Poncela, Roberto Enríquez , Antonio Dechent , Katy Louise Saunders , Antonio Valero , Francesca Della Ragione , Giorgio Marchesi
Genres :  Biography, Drama , History
Year : 2006
Language : French , Spanish
Director: Antonio Hernández


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