Histoire d'O: Chapitre 2 (1984)

Storyline :  James Pembroke, a powerful industrialist, has become a nuisance to his rivals. That is the reason why they have decided to neutralize him. To this end they call on O, who has turned from victim to dominatrix. Her mission is to compromise not only James in person but his whole family as well. And to tell the truth, O does not find much resistance on her way... 
Stars :  Sandra Wey , Rosa Valenty , Manuel de Blas , Carole James, Eduardo Bea , Rubén Blanco, Christian Cid, Malgozarta Dobosz, Tomás Picó, Alicia Príncipe, Frank Sussman, Frank Braña, Catherine Basseti, Agustín Bravo, Walter Finley  
Genres :  Drama 
Year : 1984
Language : English
Director: Éric Rochat


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