The Vineyard (1989)

Storyline : Dr. Elson Po is one of the world's most famous wine growers. He has a magic potion which has kept him handsome and alive during the centuries. However, lately the magic which rejuvenates him seem to be less and less effective. As a side project he make movies and invites a group of young, aspiring actors to his private island for a party, believing that the young, handsome actress Jezebel can be his new source of life. 
Stars :  James Hong,  Karen Lorre,  Michael Wong,  Lars Wangberg,  Cheryl Madsen, Cheryl Lawson,  Rue Douglas,  Sean P. Donahue,  Sherri Ball,  Karl-Heinz Teuber, Ruth Lin,  Harry Mok,  Lissa Zappardino,  Mark De Alessandro
Genres :  Horror 
Year : 1989
Language : Italian
Director: James Hong,  William Rice


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